10 New Trilogy Disc Golf Discs for 2018!

10 New Trilogy Disc Golf Discs for 2018!

Note* - This Post Will Be Updated As We Get More Information.

Dynamic Discs - 4 Molds

  • Getaway - Fairway Driver, Overstable - Jeremy Rusco (Owner of Dynamic Discs)referred to this as like an "Escape Pro," fast, glidey, but more stable than an Escape. Sounds like they may be shooting for a DD Thunderbird, which would be so great.

  • Captain - Distance Driver, Stable to Understable - They said it was between a Sheriff and a Freedom, sounds like a good S-line distance disc.

  • Maverick - Midrange Fairway, Stable to Understable - They didn't say a ton about this, but said if you put some power on it and release on a hyzer, it can finish right. 

  • Patrol - Midrange, Understable - They called this their most understable midrange available at max weight. Maybe like a Tursas or a DD version of a comet?

Latitude64 - 3 molds

  • Ballista Pro - Distance Driver, Overstable - Just what it sounds like, a beefier Ballista.

  • Explorer - Fairway Driver, Overstable - Ricky is really excited about this one, and just said it's a little slower than a distance driver, but really resists turn.

  • Saxon - Overmold Driver

Westide - 3 molds

  • Warhorse - Distance Driver, Overstable - They compared it to an Enforcer, but didn't commit to saying much because they were throwing it in a lot of wind.

  • Anvil - Midrange, Very Overstable - They compared this to a Justice but with a different feel in the hand.

  • Unnamed Trilogy Challenge Putter (I didn't catch a name, at least) Maiden - Putter, neutral - David was really excited about this putter, he said it was really straight for approaches and shallower in the hand than the other stuff they have. I'm hoping similar to a Zone or Ringer in the hand.

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